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IDC Brief: Learn how Citrix NetScaler is redefining networking and application delivery for the Cloud Era

IDC – Beyond the ADC: Citrix Redefines Application Delivery for the Cloud Era

In an age defined by far-reaching digital transformation, cloud, and IoT, Citrix is leading the charge to ensure that optimized application delivery keeps pace beyond the datacenter.

Read this exclusive brief from IDC and find out how Citrix is taking an aggressive stance in its embrace of cloud technologies and redefining the ADC by enabling end-to-end application delivery through a variety of ADC form factors.

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Learn how NetScaler ADC allows you to:

  • Support the diversity of today’s applications through various ADC form factors — including containers
  • Address the WAN transformation requirements of the enterprise branch
  • Provide optimized application and data delivery for IoT
  • Embrace cloud and cloud-native applications and technologies