Maximize data center agility through NetScaler and Cisco ACI integration

Today’s data centers must respond to changing needs in minutes, instead of days or weeks. Traditional architectures simply can’t offer this kind of agility. Multiple control points only increase the difficulty of accelerating service delivery and app rollouts. A truly agile data center requires application-centric automation and virtualization of both the hardware and software infrastructure.

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NetScaler ADC, the industry’s top application delivery controller, has joined with the leading software-defined network architecture to deliver a new standard of agility. Working together, Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Citrix NetScaler optimize data center operations and application deployment through a common framework and a single point of automation and management. Cisco ACI enables the business-based requirements for applications to shape the supporting infrastructure. And NetScaler ADC connects the infrastructure and applications, delivering those insights to the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC). In fact, NetScaler is the only ADC that fully integrates into Cisco’s unified fabric.

Through an app-centric approach, the unique solution offered by Cisco ACI and NetScaler provides a scalable and elastic architecture for both physical and virtual appliances. It eliminates complexity at every level, ensuring a consistent experience across any combination of devices, locations, and networks. NetScaler enables automation and orchestration of the critical services that are required to deliver applications rapidly, securely, and reliably.

The Cisco APIC, a centralized policy management and control point for the entire infrastructure, brings superior flexibility. Through coordinated automation and end-to-end visibility, it enables the ACI-plus-NetScaler solution to rapidly provision and configure the necessary resources, no matter where they reside in the data center.

The list of NetScaler features that can be automated by the APIC controller is the most extensive offered by any ADC. It includes over 15 key functions and capabilities such as authentication, firewalling, caching, compression, and more.

Cisco ACI and Cisco APIC are fully compatible with existing ADC networks, preserving existing service models and leveraging open standards protocols. The solution’s automated management capabilities free up administrative resources and minimize downtime due to configuration errors. And a single point of control reduces appliance sprawl and overhead.

The Cisco APIC provides a policy-based automation framework that enables resources to be dynamically provisioned and configured in a single step. The application-centric service insertion framework allows the Cisco APIC to dynamically distribute new policies to the infrastructure and service nodes in minutes, without requiring manual changes. The automated addition, removal, and reordering of services allows administrators to quickly change the resources that an application requires, without the need to rewire and reconfigure the network or relocate the services.

Cisco recommends NetScaler to its customers as a direct replacement to its ACE product line and for building next-generation data center networks. In fact, Cisco has created the ACE to NetScaler Migration Tool to help customers easily convert files. NetScaler is the only application delivery controller that fully integrates into Cisco’s Unified Fabric Cloud Network Services portfolio.

The Citrix Insight Services online tool makes it easy to convert Cisco ACE configuration files to NetScaler configuration files.  Watch a quick tutorial and then log in to use the tool.

Citrix products

NetScaler ADC

  • Provides industry-leading app delivery and load balancing
  • Fully integrates with Cisco ACI; endorsed as a Cisco ACE replacement
  • Offers the most comprehensive set of ADC features in the ACI ecosystem
  • Enables automation and orchestration of network-critical services to boost agility


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