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With the growing use of business-critical web apps, today’s wide-area networks (WANs) are stressed beyond capacity. Expanding your network with multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) solutions is the conventional approach but can be expensive. Conversely, alternatives like broadband and other Internet connections cost less but are not always suitable for certain applications. WAN virtualization technology can help optimize your enterprise WAN bandwidth at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

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The Citrix SD-WAN solution unites your disparate networks into a single, logical, virtualized WAN—easily, reliably, securely, and at cost savings of up to 80 percent vs traditional MPLS expansion.

Citrix SD-WAN appliances continuously monitor every MPLS and broadband connection, and can quickly detect path outages or degradations, providing seamless sub-second failover of traffic to the next-best WAN path. Appliances also immediately detect when connections come back online, and seamlessly return traffic to the restored paths. Throughout the process, users are never forced to restart, reconnect, or log in again, which saves time and money and increases productivity. With Citrix SD-WAN, you can feel confident scaling your WAN bandwidth using less costly alternatives to MPLS.

Citrix SD-WAN allows you to leverage lower-cost broadband and mobile connections to deliver the same reliability of higher-cost MPLS. This enables you to grow your network quickly and affordably. In fact, the SD-WAN solution is so flexible, you can either integrate broadband, mobile, or satellite services into an existing MPLS network, or build a high-quality WAN with a mix of services.

Through its unique path bonding and selection, Citrix SD-WAN ensures that all bandwidth is available at all times. For even more efficiency, backup connections can be leveraged in normal operations. So you use all the bandwidth that you’re paying for, while also ensuring seamless failovers.

The Citrix SD-WAN solution can be configured completely and intuitively from a single management platform. This allows administrators to manage changes quickly and at a lower cost.

Citrix product

Citrix SD-WAN

  • Reduces WAN costs up to 80 percent vs MPLS and other traditional alternatives
  • Enables lower-cost WAN connections to perform as reliably as MPLS
  • Transforms backup connections into active connections, for additional bandwidth without added cost
  • Simplifies management and monitoring