HIPAA compliant file sharing

Enable mobile data access while safeguarding protected Healthcare Information with Citrix Content Collaboration for Healthcare.

File sharing that supports HIPAA compliance, boosts security and mobilizes data access

Citrix Content Collaboration is a secure, enterprise-grade, HIPAA-compliant data sync and sharing service that allows IT to mobilize all enterprise data and empower user productivity, built for the healthcare industry.  Citrix Content Collaboration, designed to safeguard PHI, allows users to send and receive confidential files with encryption to maintain HIPAA compliance. It prevents information leaks, security breaches, increases mobile productivity and user collaboration. Citrix Content Collaboration offers advanced security features for IT, flexible storage options, and integrations to existing network shares and ECM systems. In addition, unlike competitors, Citrix Content Collaboration’s innovative storage zones technology lets customers choose where to store data – on premises, in a secure dedicated healthcare cloud or a combination – to meet specific data sovereignty, compliance, and performance requirements.

Citrix Content Collaboration for Healthcare

A secure file sharing and data storage solution for Healthcare

  • Large file management and collaboration
  • Advanced authentication and authorization
  • Granular control for HIPAA-compliant file sharing and data security
  • Robust reporting, auditing and admin/IT controls
  • Enhanced mobility and increased productivity

*Citrix Content Collaboration is sold as a standalone service or as part of Citrix Endpoint Management and Citrix Workspace.

Does your healthcare organization want to provide:

  • Instant access to clinical data, hospital protocols and procedures?
  • Access to latest versions of training materials for improved onboarding?
  • Mobile data access options while maintaining HIPAA compliance?
  • Improved collaboration workflows for physicians, specialists and third parties?
  • Ability to securely share DICOM images on any device?

Securely store and share internal and external files

  • Exchange files, both internally and externally, to limit data leakage
  • Allow remote healthcare workers offline access to data for Telemedicine
  • Go paperless – get 4X cost savings by uploading patient records via Citrix Content Collaboration
  • Solve the “Dropbox Problem” and other data security issues with personal file sharing services

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