How SD-WAN ensures reliability and quality for your SaaS applications

SaaS provides flexibility when it comes to enterprise-grade applications and reduces administrative challenges by offloading them to the vendor. However, SaaS is not without its challenges. For one, SaaS makes it more complicated to bring apps to branch offices.
Although SaaS provides a lot of flexibility, IT admins still want a sense of control of the data. This is where SD-WAN is proving that it has something to offer to IT, enterprises, and service providers.
In this webinar, Citrix and Enterprise Cloud News explore: 
  • What SD-WAN means for service providers 
  • How SD-WAN provides security and connectivity when it comes to SaaS 
  • Opportunities to improve the user experience 
  • How service providers can offer SD-WAN to customers as a service


  • Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud News/Light Reading
  • Karl Brown, Senior Director Product Management, Citrix SD-WAN at Citrix

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