Citrix SD-WAN strengthens your branch network

The distributed enterprise requires a solution that ensure users remain connected at all times. One that strengthens security and that provides end-to-end visibility while simplifying the branch network. Citrix SD-WAN is that solution - built for your distributed enterprise.

Why Citrix SD-WAN

Businesses rely on branch offices or remote employees to serve customers, to be near partners and suppliers and to expand into new markets. As application and desktop virtualization increase or applications move to the cloud, IT managers face the challenge of providing these applications without a performance penalty to branch and mobile users. Citrix SD-WAN can help you effectively and economically increase WAN throughput with features like dynamic routing, WAN virtualization, and WAN optimization to accelerate enterprise applications and ensure the performance and availability of mission critical applications across your branch network.

  • Identify over 4,000 applications and apply QoS and firewall policies from a single centralized management window 
  • Maintain high performance for mission critical applications even when a network link fails
  • Improve the virtual desktop experience to branch-office and mobile users and accelerate traditional enterprise applications
  • Expand WAN capacity with low-cost broadband connections, while maintaining MPLS-level quality and reliability
  • Simplify IT with integrated firewall, routing, WAN virtualization and WAN optimization to reduce network footprint
  • Secure data across the WAN and to the cloud with strong encryption, application- level security policies and data segmentation
  • Gain visibility into application delivery in order to proactively manage the user experience
  • Support cloud migration with multi-level security enabling direct branch offices connections to the Cloud, Internet, SaaS applications

Key Features

Application Aware Virtual WAN

Citrix SD-WAN creates a reliable WAN from diverse network links, including MPLS, broadband, and wireless, continuously measuring and monitoring each link for loss, latency, jitter and congestion. Link outages and errors are mitigated by Citrix SD-WAN’s ability to move traffic off poor performing links without impact to the applications, resulting in predictable and consistent performance. With the dynamic router capability, mission critical applications are always routed across the paths with the fastest transit time, real-time application traffic can be duplicated to guarantee no loss and traffic from high bandwidth applications can be balanced across multiple links to provide high performance for large file transfers.

Application QoS for Assured Delivery

Citrix SD-WAN identifies applications through deep packet inspection technology that results in the industry’s highest accuracy and deepest granularity. Application and application elements can be grouped into different categories with different priorities and bandwidth guarantees. With the deep, granular application awareness combined with network performance, the platform can ensure that critical applications (or critical application elements) receive priority and are routed across the highest-quality link. Lower quality links are used for lower priority applications that can tolerate higher latency. The Citrix SD-WAN endpoints also communicate with each other on congestion conditions, allowing sending devices to adjust transmission rates to match network capacity.

Application and WAN Optimization

Through features such as TCP flow control, data compression, de-duplication and protocol optimization, Citrix SD-WAN can improve the end-user experience as well as provide a reduction in WAN bandwidth expenses. And with video usage on the rise, Citrix SD-WAN can optimize video delivery within Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments as well as for popular websites and internal video content repositories.

Dynamic Routing for Branch Simplification

Citrix SD-WAN provides an alternative to the legacy branch router, enabling a simpler branch network with lower infrastructure and support costs. Multiple overlay routed networks can be software defined, with separate policies and security rules applied to each. With Dynamic Routing, Citrix SD-WAN can seamlessly participate in your routing topology in overlay mode for easy network insertion or operate in edge mode for a streamlined branch network with assured application delivery. With Dynamic Routing, Virtual WAN, QoS, and WAN Optimization functionality all available in a single appliance, Citrix SD-WAN remains the most complete solution for branch networking.

Integrated Firewall for Complete Security

Citrix SD-WAN brings multi-faceted strong data protection to the branch network, from link layer security to a stateful firewall function. The firewall integrates with the application QoS to allow security policies to be centrally defined by application or application element, allowing IT to limit access by applications or application elements, or both. Zone support plus segmented data provides a rich toolset for separating traffic and limiting where it can go. And finally, Citrix SD-WAN provides strong encryption as data crosses public and private networks while easily integrating with cloud web gateways.

Management and Visibility

To ensure great user experiences, enterprise IT must be able to quickly and easily deploy new sites on the network, easily define network and application policides, and identify the sources of problems in application delivery. Citrix SD-WAN allows centralized policy definition across all network services and zero touch deployment, radically simplifying the time and effort to turn up a new location on the WAN. Automatic bandwidth detection and adaptive bandwidth control simplifies the detection of WAN and provides detailed reporting on the true bandwidth available on each link over time. Through its integration with Citrix Networking Insight Center, Citrix SD-WAN monitors how well applications are being delivered to users in the branch. By leveraging AppFlow® data reporting formats, Citrix SD-WAN can also export data to third party applications that provide network and application intelligence.

Reliable Hybrid WANs

Citrix SD-WAN appliances measure latency, jitter and loss to create a "map" of the network underlay. This map is used to route each application to the best path through the network and ensure that the user experience is high quality.

Built in integration with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Companies using Citrix technology for remote desktop will benefit from the integrated support for those products in the Citrix SD-WAN platform. With integrated HDXTM technologies, Citrix SD-WAN accelerates, controls and optimizes virtual desktops delivered by Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops® and virtual applications delivered by Citrix Virtual Apps® for branch users, improving user experience and productivity by providing fast, secure remote access. And extend the application acceleration benefits to mobile users with the Citrix ADC Client plug in.

Customer Stories

Orianna Health

Provider operating approximately 6,000 beds across 56 skilled nursing facilities.

Problem: New electronic medical record (EMR) project required immediate bandwidth upgrades, but MPLS was expensive

Result: NetScaler SD-WAN gave them a ten month payback on the purchase versus scaling existing MPLS connections plus more reliable applications and QoS for VoIP.

HMS Host

World’s largest provider of food, beverage, and retail services with over 200 airport locations across the U.S.

Problem: Needed fast, optimized access from point of sale terminals for its credit-card transaction processing application.

Result: The NetScaler SD-WAN solution reduced WAN data by 90% and proved to be 20% cheaper than the incumbent solution.

Cornerstone Mortgage

Twelfth largest U.S. retail mortgage bank with over 1,250 employees across 84 branches in 48 states.

Problem: Fast growing bank needed reliable access to its core, centralized loan processing application published via Citrix Virtual Apps.

Result: After deploying NetScaler SD-WAN solution, loan-processing times for remote workers dropped from 3 hours to 45 minutes.

Royal Caribbean

Large cruise line with 22 ships and multi-lingual reservation centers worldwide.

Problem: Improve user experience for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops in call centers and ships.

Result: Decided to refresh its WAN optimization equipment and determined that NetScaler SD- WAN provided significantly better performance.

We're able to utilize commercial-grade broadband services along with 4G/LTE and our Metro-E fiber to facilitate our network reliability which is a key for our organization because, as we’re a full XenDesktop environment, we need to make sure we have full uptime.
Trevor McCain
Network Administrator
The Watershed