Additional support for your unique needs

Certain needs or environments require extra care and creativity, which is why we offer additional options beyond our CSS programs. From hardware support and maintenance to extended support for End of Life (EoL) Citrix products, we'll help ensure the reliability of your Citrix solutions.

Citrix Appliance Maintenance enables you to effectively and efficiently deploy and administer your Citrix Networking hardware, regardless of your organization’s size or complexity.

It provides unlimited worldwide technical support, the latest software upgrades, and replacement of malfunctioning appliances to keep your Citrix hardware running optimally.

Maintenance Levels


Gold Plus




Coverage hours



Business hours

Business hours

Return Material Authorization
(RMA) Replacement Delivery

Within 4 hours[1]

Within 1 business day[2]

Within 1 business day[2]

Within 10 business days[3]

Access to software updates and bug fixes as they become available

Manufacturer's Warranty Coverage
   Hardware - 1 year
   Software - 90 days

Unlimited access to Technical Support via phone and web

Gold Plus Program Criteria

With Gold Plus maintenance, the service includes delivery within 4 hours after Citrix authorizes the issuance of a replacement Product from the Service Center.

This service is only available if the Customer location where the replacement Product will be delivered is within 70 miles of a Citrix Service Center for locations in the United States, or 50 miles of a Citrix Service Center for locations outside the United States, and the Customer location and the Citrix Service Center are located in the same country. Customer is responsible for ensuring that it is located within such radius. Citrix Service Center locations can be found here. Any questions related to Citrix Service Center locations should be sent to

Customer must submit the physical address of the Product with Gold Plus coverage to immediately after the Product has been installed. Addresses can also be updated by emailing Such address is the Customer location referred to above where the replacement Product will be delivered.  Any variations to such address will not be accepted at the time of the service request.   

Please note:  If the Customer location meets the requirements above but a new Citrix Service Center needs to be set up, this will require a lead time of up to (6) weeks in the U.S. or three (3) to six (6) months outside of the U.S. prior to Gold Plus Maintenance being available. Customer will receive Gold Maintenance (next business day RMA shipment) for the applicable Products until the Citrix Service Center is set up.

Some Product components are not available under the Gold Plus Maintenance.

Program Terms

Available during a product’s Mainstream Maintenance and Extended Maintenance Phases. 제품 버전이 수명 종료 날짜에 도달하면 보안 관련 핫픽스, 기술 지원 및 제품 다운로드를 더 이상 사용할 수 없게 됩니다. 자세한 정보는 Citrix 제품 지원 수명 주기 정책을 검토하십시오.

[1] Delivery within 4 hours after Citrix authorizes the issuance of a replacement product from the service center.
[2] Ships within 1 business day after issuing the RMA number*.
[3] Ships within 10 business days after issuing RMA number*.

* Please note that in countries where regulation requires export approval documentation in advance of RMA shipment, the time for shipment may be longer.

Citrix Appliance Maintenance fact sheet

* As of January 1, 2019, Software TRM services are available in select markets only, including APJ, LAC, and select countries within EMEA. Existing TRM agreements may be renewed until October 1, 2019 and only for one additional year. For questions, reach out to your account team, who can help ensure a smooth transition. Additional detail, can be found on the Support Programs Lifecycle Matrix.

Ready to experience our highest-level of service with Priority and how it surpasses our legacy TRM offering? Watch our Priority customer  video and view our Priority page.

Dedicated advocate

Your TRM acts as your advocate within Citrix, ensuring that the correct priorities are given to any technical case and relaying your experiences with Citrix products and deployments to product management and development teams. Your TRM can also get you access to product betas, extend your test window, and offer you the ability to influence feature development.

TRM services can be purchased with any software or appliance maintenance agreement in select markets. Packages begin with 200 hours of service and an unlimited number of incidents in one region.

Compare TRM with CSS Priority and Priority Plus

기능 TRM
(in limited markets)*
Priority Priority Plus
Assigned Technical Account Manager to act as your advocate within Citrix
Success planning to meet your business and technology objectives  
Priority Queue를 통해 Priority 지원 엔지니어에 직접 액세스하여 더 신속하게 문제 해결 가능   <15 minute response time for severity 1 issues <10 minute response time for severity 1 issues
Scheduled Support를 통한 구현, 마이그레이션 및 업데이트 지원을 위한 행사 변경   40시간 80시간
Critical Situation Management를 통한 심각도 1 문제를 담당하고 신속하게 재구성  
환경 지원 가능성 및 운영 검토를 통해 적극적 통찰력으로 위험 및 다운타임을 최소화할 수 있습니다.  
임원 수준 후원자 지지자의 역할을 하고 요건 및 문제를 즉시 해결할 수 있도록 조치    
사용자 지정 가능 추가 패키지 성공에 집중하고 있는 엄선된 Citrix 전문가 팀으로 비즈니스 목표에 맞게 조정    

Technical Relationship Manager fact sheet

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The Extended Support program puts you in control of your upgrade strategy by offering technical support and maintenance after the End of Maintenance (EOM) or End of Life (EOL) milestone for an additional fee.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Citrix Virtual Apps Citrix Hypervisor

XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR
XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR
XenDesktop 5.x

XenApp 7.15 LTSR
XenApp 7.6 LTSR
XenApp 6.5
XenApp 6.0
XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008

XenServer 7.1 LTSR

Requirements and eligibility

An equivalent level of Microsoft Support for the customer’s underlying Windows operating system is required. Without such support, Citrix may be limited in its ability to remediate problems.

  • The customer must be current on and maintain Customer Success Services.

Customer must have a base technical support agreement for which the product line Extended Support is required.

For complete product lifecycle dates, please see the Product Lifecycle Matrix.

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